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About the Client

Bangkok Bank is a leading bank in Thailand and a major regional bank in Southeast Asia, a market leader in corporate and business banking, with a large retail customer base. They have over 200 employees and have been in business for 62 years (since 1959).

Their business-banking services include:

  • Conventional banking services
  • Syndicated loans
  • Debt securities underwriting
  • Trade finance
  • Project finance
  • Custodial Services
  • SME and merchant services
  • Specialist industry advice

About the Project

1.       Departments/key functions involved in the decision making

a.       IT Department & Branches

2.       What are the key challenges faced by the client that led them to look for a solution?

a.       Heavy rely on sending statement report to customer via physical mail (Hard Copy).

b.       High operation cost in terms of paper consumption (print out statement report) and mail services like (exp: datapos).

c.       No control or traceability occur as statement report was send in physical format.

3.       What are the objectives of the project? 

a.       To send out Statement report to customer via email. While sending via email, a set of statement report will be required to store in digital format for retrieving purposes.

b.       System process should be automated from end to end without human interfere.

c.       Required module that able to redesign statement template (exp: change advertisement image or logo) anytime the client required.

d.       A New web UI (EDS) is required to maintain all customer email address that required to send out Statement via Email.

e.       A New digital storage version (Docuflo V7) is required to Improve document retrieval process.

f.        Reporting is required to trace is all statement reports have been exported successfully.

4.       What was the determining factor during the evaluation process that led the client to decide on the solution we offered?

a.       Security compliance (AES-256 bit) and module like (Admin, Scan, Web) that meet RHB requirement on digital storage.

b.       Statement Form Design can be change anytime via the Form Design tools without any technical background.  

About the Solution


There are 5 main objectives. Firstly, upgrade the latest version of DMS from Version 4.2 to Version 7. Secondly, upgrade the latest version of OMS from Version 7 to Version 8. Thirdly, enhancement on the statement form design and provide training on how to design the form. Fourthly, provide enhancement on the Email distribution module. Lastly, conduct migration data from existing to latest setup.

Hence, by having OMS, Bangkok Bank will reduce their dependency on paper to print out statement report as well as reduce cost on physical mail.

Project Scope

The scope of this project will be implemented as following:

a)  Consists of 3 module Document Management System (DMS), Output Management System (OMS) & Email Report Distribution.

b)   For DMS, it will upgrade from version 4.2 to version 7 (Latest Version).

c)    For OMS, it will upgrade from version 7 to version 8 (Latest Version).

d)   Enhancement on the current form design (Current Account).

e) Conduct migration from existing setup to latest implementation.


EDMS Web is a web-based application that can be accessed through web browser where the user can search or modify or delete the document depending on the privileges assigned by admin. Users with access to EDMS Web may also search, retrieve, edit, upload or import electronic documents. However, it depends on the roles and rights granted by the Administrator to EDMS Web users, whether he/she has the access rights on the documents based on the user matrix provided in this document.

OMS Form Design is GUI-based application for user to design and maintain their template based on their requirements. User can add on logo, advertisement or even QR code into the template form by just drag and drop from the tools feature. It can also standardize the form format by segregating it in Header, Details, and footer. For verification on the form design, user is able to verify it while designing on the form.

OMS Spooler is a client-based application for user to configure the processing queue based on their requirements. User can setup multiple queues for processing different type of module (exp: Statement & Notices) under 1 roof (OMS Spooler).

EDS is a web-based application for user to maintain customer email that required to distribute statement via email. Branch Officer or Manager can add, edit or delete new customer email to the system. EDS also have an approval layer that required Branch Manager to approve the validity of the email. 


Document Management System (DMS) and Email Distribution System (EDS) are
window & web-based application providing an image archiving, document
tracking process and email distribution process for the Bangkok Bank Berhad.
The simple workflow process which is supported by EDS through web-based
application enable user to distribute email to customers.

Process Flow:

1.      Bangkok Bank Core System will split the spool file and push the spool file to OMS for

2.     OMS will produce PDF file and output to 2 channels, DMS for achieving and email
channel for email sending.

3.     When come to DMS, statement will be achieve based on the index value capture (exp:
run date, Branch no.).

4.     Bank User can retrieve the document via web by searching the keyword based on the
index value captured.

5.     When come to sending out email, statement report will attach with pdf password and
check the email recipient through EDS.

6.     Once done, it will push the statement report with encrypted password to email server
for emailing.

7.     Email Sent. 

Output Management System

In OMS, user able
to maintain statement template in Form Design Module. User can just make
changes on the template by just drag and drop. Once template have completed,
user able to configure the template to FormTrap Spooler for processing.  

1.     Core System will massage and push the spool file to OMS for processing.

2.     Before processing, user required to design template through FormTrap Form module.

3.     Once template have completed, Spool file will process based on the template design.

4.     After processing it will output into 2 different channel, DMS web for achieving and
retrieving, send statement report via email with attachment password to
respective recipient. 

Email Distribution System

Email Distribution system is a simple workflow to
improve the current Email Distribution process.
FormTrap will capture data from
server to generate PDF e-statement, archive into built in DMS. PDF e-statement
is push to the user via email, accessible via mobile devices and computer. PDF
e-statement also can push to the DMS7 via Auto Batch Import (ABI) for web user
to view the statement.

Details of Email
Distribution “to be” flow:

1.       Customer Submit Email statement application for Branch Officer to check and verified.

2.       Branch Officer can either reject or approved the submission. 

1.       If approved, branch officer will enter account information such as branch code, account number, account type, email address and action (status).

2.       Branch manager or branch officer submits request to enable or to disable email distribution.

3.       Branch manager approves or rejects the request that is submitted by user.

4.       Branch manager or branch officer submits request to enable email distribution.

·         If branch manager approves, email distribution is enabled.

·         If branch manager rejects, email distribution status remains as “H”.

5.       Branch manager or branch officer submits request to disable email distribution. Branch manager or branch officer can only request to disable if the email distribution status is “E”.

·         If Branch manager approves, email distribution is disabled.

·         If Branch manager rejects, email distribution status remains as “E”.

6.       A report scheduler will be triggered to generate pending task(s) report. Report scheduler is by weekly (7 days) basis.

7.       Report generated will be sent to Branch manager email. Branch manager has to access to their email to view the report.

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