Benefits of Enterprise Search

How Enterprise Search is changing the scene of Data

Before we give you a glimpse of the future, let us take a step back. In the past, data management required teams of employees just to structure and organize entire rooms worth of documents. Over time, however, the sheer volume of data has increased to a point where there simply is not enough space to store the data, let alone manage and extract documents. The exponential growth of data in the recent decade has proven to be one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises today. This is where Enterprise Search comes in.

So, what is Enterprise Search?

The data and documents gathered and stored in an enterprise exists in various forms such as emails, internal databases, external databases, document management systems, and so on. Enterprise search is simply a way to locate a specific document in any format through a single search query. While this may seem simple, the backdoor implementations are not an easy task, but leave the difficult parts to our experts. Ultimately, our Enterprise Search aims to save you the trouble and cost of planning and preparing different sets of data for practical storage.

How can Enterprise Search benefit you?


Knowledge Management

The primary and most obvious benefit of enterprise is the precise location and management of data. Business-critical information can be ranked based on importance and fragmented across various digital platforms. This information can then later be accessed through a simple keyword search across all platforms.

Better Managerial Decision Making

Having quick and efficient access to data can significantly enhance a company’s decision-making process. Quick access paired with quick analysis allows for more in-depth and optimal judgement. Imagine being able to locate a specific financial report, sales record, or email template that garnered significant responses in the past, in a few seconds. This grants the management team of a company not only more time, but also more precise strategies for future business executions. The benefits span not just within a managerial team, but also throughout the various departments in a company such as marketing, executives, human resources, and others. 

Save Time and Cost

Studies show that the time spent by employees when locating for specific documents is one of the most frequent challenges faced by companies today. The multitude of tools and business applications used daily make access to information a challenging task for employees. According to the International Data Corporation, the knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. An enterprise search engine can significantly reduce the time spent by employees switching between different tools and apps to find the documents they need. This also saves the cost required to allocate space for data storage.

Customer Service

Excellent data management skill equates to quicker problem-solving abilities. Having an enterprise search as a tool allows companies to provide top notch benefits to their customers as well. For example, a customer looking to solve a problem before contacting your company will probably search online for a solution first. Having quick and efficient search tools on your website will help your customer with a problem before they even need to contact your company directly. In the event they do call with a problem, having access to search enterprise will incite quick and precise problem solving, saving the company money and customer support costs.

Why you should hop on the band wagon.

Enterprise search is no longer just another ordinary tool. It has become the key driver of productivity, strategic decision-making, and competitive advantage in the business world. As data grows and takes different forms, data managers can only keep up with the exponential growth and speed of data processing in the hands of a search enterprise tool. To learn more about our Enterprise Search and its features, click here and boost your company’s productivity today.