Enterprise Search in Educational Institutions

Why Docuflo Inventa is the perfect solution for an Educational Institute.

What does the Education Industry Need to Consider When Investing in an Enterprise Search Solution?

Finding the perfect search solution for a college, university, or other educational institution that allows users to collect the information they need to succeed can be challenging. Current students, prospective students, their parents, and anybody who works at the institution can all benefit from using a powerful search solution, so finding one that can cater to all of these parties is vital.

Specific Search Utility

Educational institutions might acquire a jumble of distinct sites thanks to a diverse user base. Main “marketing” website, individual department sites, and student/faculty pages are all examples. These diverse sites, each with its own set of features and capabilities, can make search services difficult to use. Docuflo Inventa utilizes its federated search and in-depth indexing capabilities to crawl all of the sites stored within a repository, effectively solving this problem.

Another concern is that these sites must be able to cater to various user groups. Marketing sites are meant to target prospective students and their parents, whereas student and teacher pages may be made with individual logins for unique access. Docuflo Inventa utilizes a role-based access feature that allows the admin to set specific groups across different types of users. A College of Medicine, for example, might run its own search while still submitting results to the main University Search.


Docuflo Inventa can provide you with strong, immaculate search solutions for your school. No matter which of your sites your consumers visit, high-performance solutions like our full-text indexing appliance can help them locate what they need.