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To enhance existing operations in the Accounting Department to be more efficient and enable faster document retrieval



The deployment of Docuflo resolved all document management-related issues such as search, retrieval, storage, versioning and collaboration/sharing

The Challenge

Documents in the Accounts Department were managed in silos and stored in respective units. Digitised documents were stored in a Windows shared folder while hardcopy documents were simply stored into physical folders and cabinets. The process of retrieving documents or records posed a challenge to the users, whereas missing and misplaced files are a common daily occurence. With the traditional method of handling these documents, staffs needed to spend additional effort and time to complete daily transaction, on top of the additional physical storage area required to keep the documents.

Others challenges faced by Account department employees include:
• Inefficient document digitalisation process – users were using multi-functional printer (MFP) to scan and store softcopy documents into individual workstation for daily use. This leads to a lot of duplication of effort.
• Softcopy of documents were stored into local shared folders whereby access is managed by the respective document owners or authors. Localization of access approval becomes a hassle.
• Manual filing of physical document is very time consuming and prone to errors or lack of standardisation, resulting  in increased difficulty during future search and retrieval process.
• High wastage – printing multiple copies of the same document for customer’s confirmation.
• Sharing and collaboration is difficult.

Users especially from Account, Finance and IT were also finding it extremely difficult and time consuming to access information within the paper-based records. They require an easy to use, secure and electronic system that would not only simplify the management of documents, but also reduce retrieval time and paper usage.

The Solution

Docuflo DMS was implemented to provide a platform for users to electronically capture, archive and retrieve business-related documents such as GRDN, Payment Voucher and Account correspondences anytime and anywhere.

Once the documents are scanned in via Docuflo Scan module, they are imported into document repository. Document stored in the document repository can be check-out for review, comment and edit. The modified copy can then be check-in as a new version of the document. Old versions of the same document are maintained for reference purposes.

DMS allows users to search and retrieve information from any location (Intranet or Internet) based on access rights. The document can then be viewed, saved, shared and routed to other users for review and approval.

The Results

With a proper document management system in place, the client can enjoy increased automation and efficiency in their business operations, improved service level and plans to extend the DMS capability to other departments to add
value to the supply chain.

Docuflo DMS solution enables the client to strengthen security rules and ensure timely access and compliance, including automatic paper trail and audit log.
Key benefits includes the reduction of paper trail and simplified document searching. Centralized digital document repository also makes inter and intra departmental document sharing and collaboration easier, improves productivity and enforces security compliance.

Other achievable benefits from the Docuflo DMS system also include improved efficiency in storing and managing documents and records, as well as reduced missing/misplaced documents and duplication of records.

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