How The Leading Distribution and Logistics Company in Indonesia Transformed Its Finance and Risk Management Function

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The Client

The client is the leading distribution, logistic and modern retail company in Indonesia. The company listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on December 12, 2007 and is engaged in the trading of a wide variety of industrial goods, particularly in the trading of building materials, chemicals and consumer goods. As of today, the client has over 7,000 employees and owns distribution branches and 52 modern retail showrooms featuring one stop shopping concept for homes.

The Challenge

The Finance department of the client was practicing the traditional method of handling transactional documents such as payment receipts, journal entries and deposit vouchers. As the business grows, staffs begin to face an immense pressure from having to manually handle larger volume of documents within a limited amount of time, resulting in extra time and effort to complete daily tasks. With the proliferation of hardcopy documents, additional physical cabinets and space was required for storage and the lack of a structured indexing system makes the process of retrieving documents unnecessarily cumbersome and inefficient.

Document digitization efforts in the company are also highly disconnected. Normally, users will make use of multi-function printers (MFPs) to scan and save softcopy documents to individual workstations for everyday use. This results in a lot of wasted and duplicated efforts. Without a centralized repository for storage and retrieval, digital documents stored on the server are only accessible by LAN, thus making remote retrieval and sharing of documents a tedious chore.

When it comes to escalation of documents for approval, the lack of an automated workflow for document tracking further results in a lack of visibility as to the status of approval of the document. The current process is still highly manual and hence staff are unable to track the movement of documents and trigger notifications to ensure urgent documents are processed on time.

The Objective

To address the daily challenges faced by the client’s finance team, the client seeks to deploy a central repository platform to ease the issues of document search and retrieval faced by users stationed at branch offices or in the field. A systemized document lifecycle is also required to be implemented to make it easier for employees to manage and track documents. Furthermore, the solution in consideration should allow users to share documents and collaborate seamlessly between departments with a workflow and notification function for better process traceability.

The Solution

Docuflo EDMS was selected as it is able to meet the client’s requirements in terms of security and collaboration. Docuflo was implemented in the Audit and Risk Management division of the client. The process business at these individual divisions such as working paper processes and risk management processes were defined using a simple workflow for ease of document circulation, routing and tracking. The automated process also reduces the risk of missing documents and delay in approvals.

Additionally, the client’s Finance system was integrated to Docuflo via an API for the archiving of financial documents. This enables Finance users to easily store, manage and retrieve documents from a central repository instead of manually compiling documents from disparate systems.

In terms of safeguarding access to confidential documents, the client is able to define all the user matrix based on their requirements to control and manage user access within the Docuflo system. This ensures that all users can only access permitted folders and documents based on their roles and permissions granted and prevents security issues especially when it comes to cross departmental collaboration.

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