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Docuflo DMS

The Client

The client is among the largest ACE market companies on Bursa Malaysia with a market capitalization of RM850mil and a headcount of a few thousand employees. It is involved in a diversified range of sectors particularly in the construction and integrated facilities management industry.

The client is one of the Top Eight Bumiputera Contractor companies and is among the Top 16 Contractor companies in Malaysia and has been awarded the 5-Stars Award by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

The Challenge

With more than 20 subsidiaries under its belt, the client produces huge amounts of documents from day-to-day business dealings such as agreements, project-related documents and company reports. These documents are often unorganized and scattered all over the place on various digital devices (e.g. on personal desktops, in email attachments, etc). When it comes to searching for a particular document requested by the CEO or management team, employees will need to go through the pain of browsing through many folders and devices trying to locate the necessary documents, thus wasting valuable time and resources. The existing practice also involves the extensive use of hardcopy documents especially for cross-departmental processing of documents. This method exposes the client to unnecessary risks including missing or misplaced files and missed deadlines.

The Solution

The project was initiated by the client to enhance the existing document management process and to enable faster and more efficient document retrieval. The goal of the project is to automate the existing manual process of document digitization and develop a centralized document management system (DMS) for easy collaboration, sharing, storage and retrieval of electronic documents.


  • Docuflo DMS Admin module is a server-based application installed on the application server where the Administrator will administer the system and application. DMS Admin Module can only be accessed by the Administrator through the DMS Server for configuration, application management and user management purposes.
  • Docuflo DMS Scan module is a client-based application that requires installation on the local user PC. The Scan Module is a data capture module consisting of features such as Quality Control (QC), Indexing and Verification. It is capable of scanning physical files before exporting to the DMS Server. This module is accessible only by the person-in-charge of scanning from dedicated Scan Stations.
  • Docuflo DMS Web module is a web-based application that can be accessed through the web browser where the user can search, modify or delete documents depending on the privileges assigned by the Administrator. Users with access to DMS Web may also search, retrieve, edit, upload or import electronic documents, depending on the user roles and rights granted by the Administrator.

Our Docuflo DMS was mainly implemented for use by the company secretary and end users in the Corporate Office, Chairman Office and CEO Development Department.

Documents related to business development, company financials and various agreements will be stored into the DMS Server using either of 2 methods:

  • Scanner ā€“ the scanning of physical copies through DMS Scan or MFP Scanner
  • Import ā€“ the uploading of image documents or electronic files via DMS Scan or DMS Web

Scanned images appearing in the Scan module will have to go through the necessary process of QC, Indexing and Verification before it is being exported to a specified directory in the DMS Server. Documents uploaded via DMS Web will also need to be indexed in advance before it is stored in the DMS Server. This is an important step as the indexed keywords will make future search and retrieval efforts much easier.

Documents stored within the DMS Server will be displayed through the DMS Web. As the DMS Web is accessible via a web browser, it allows authorized users to search and access documents from anywhere (Intranet or Internet) they are from. The images or documents are searchable based on predefined search criteria and once the required documents are located, they can be displayed, printed, stored, emailed, copied and distributed based on the permissible access rights of the user.

The Results

With the deployment of Docuflo, the client is able to streamline and standardize its document management practice so that its employees are able to reduce time spent on organizing and locating documents. With proper tagging and more organized folder structure for the storage of digital documents, the turnaround time required for searching and retrieving of documents has significantly improved.

Furthermore, Docuflo acts as a centralized repository for access to information. The system is being actively used by the company chairman, company secretary and the development group to manage business-related documents such as agreements, company reports and company financials. With the convenience provided by Docuflo, key business users are able to get their hands on the latest version of information faster, thus allowing for more efficient decision making.

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