Cloud Migration

In the recent announcement on Malaysia’s MyDigital blueprint, our Government will be heading the digital initiative by implementing its “Cloud First” strategy as part of measures to strengthen the public sector’s cloud computing services. Under this strategy, the Government aims to migrate 80% of public data to hybrid cloud systems by end-2022.

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business elements into the cloud. A common model is the transfer of data and applications from a local, on-premises data centre to the public cloud. Migration to the cloud is extremely crucial for companies looking to achieve end-to-end digital transformation and exploit greater growth opportunities. The cloud grants enterprises the opportunity to faster innovation, more effective scaling, tighter monitoring of costs, better use of their data and offer better customer experiences. It also improves access to leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and more. Together, these technologies help you reimagine business processes and ecosystems.

Our Capabilities

InfoConnect has the experience to move existing InfoConnect applications from on-premises to cloud or deploy our new installations on cloud. You can leave it to us to handle your business cloud migration needs so that you do not have to take your minds off your main business focus.

With proven track record working with popular cloud platforms – Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google, we will work with you to determine the right cloud strategy and roadmap for a seamless migration and modernization of your legacy infrastructure, thus allowing you to enjoy enhanced security, cost-effectiveness, and agility.

Stages of Our Cloud Migration

Exploratory Stage

Discovery and analysis

Migration into the Cloud
Customization of Our Application
Testing Stage

System Integration Test, User Acceptance Test, Security Penetration Test

Deployment and Go-Live!

Why Should You Move to the Cloud?


The move to the cloud results in reduced dependency on ageing servers. You can also ensure that your software components are always up to date as cloud servers are maintained by cloud providers.


Cloud is flexible as it allows you to easily scale up or down as demand or new services are required.


Security options for the cloud are available out of the box and are pretty comprehensive. Furthermore, cloud providers own a series of tools for audit purposes. If an incident occurs, you can quickly identify where and when that happened and who the likely actors are.


Another major benefit of the cloud is the number of managed services provided. Managed services are highly useful as it takes away most of the maintenance burden such as security patching and upgrades, thus relieving your IT resources of onerous tasks so that they can focus on other value-adding work.

Are InfoConnect Applications Best Fit for Cloud Architecture?

InfoConnect Application such as Docuflo are fully localized products and therefore, ready to meet-up to the expectations of the ever-evolving cloud infrastructure. Docuflo DMS is not restricted to any single Cloud provider.

How does the Cloud compliments and helps strengthen InfoConnect’s Applications?

We can make use of other components available from Cloud to further reduce the operational costs required to maintain applications like Docuflo. One of the main considerations is the cost for storage.  Our next initiative for Docuflo is to integrate to the Object Storage, a cost-effective alternative for archival storage.

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