Document and Data Capture

Digitise Your Information

Document and Data capture solution enables information to be extracted from structured or unstructured document (e.g. paper and electronic forms) even if its handwritten. Documents may be captured via scan, web import or batch import methods. By using advanced recognition technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Barcode Recognition, our data capture solutions help eliminate time-consuming manual data entry to ensure documents are readily viewable, thus streamlining business workflow.

Enhance compliance to policies

Minimize risk of penalties and damage to business reputation arising from non-compliance

Increase information quality

Technologies such as OCR, ICR and barcode indexing allows efficient capturing of information

Digitisation of paper documents

Digital documents enhance visibility of data and allow easy collaboration

Reduce manual data entry

Improve staff productivity by allowing knowledge workers to focus on value-adding tasks

How It Works?

Process flow of our scanning module

Docuflo Scan

Documents captured via scan, web import or batch import methods

Quality Check

Image quality of document captured is being examined

Indexing and Verification

Auto indexing via barcode, OCR/ICR/OMR, table lookup, database lookup or manual indexing

Export To Docuflo DMS

Import agent, import electronic files, relational database

Our Features

Advanced data capture

  • Transactional data entry
  • MFP, scanners and fax
  • Individual or batch scanning
  • Digital files
  • e-forms

Comprehensive indexing methods

  • Automated zone OCR
  • ICR
  • Barcode indexing
  • Manual entry

Form design

  • Point-and-click application
  • Complete layout tools to create new forms
  • Automate existing document types

Intelligent document recognition

  • Automatically identify the document type and extracts index information
  • Minimal to no human intervention required

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