Document Management System

We keep your back office in order so that you can focus on driving profits.

The inefficiencies from document handling and manual processes can rack up your operating costs. Gain visibility and control over your business by digitizing your documentation and automating mundane business processes.

How can our Docuflo ECM solution be adopted in manufacturing companies?

Manufacturing enterprises are complex. Between juggling profits and costs through lean operations, manufacturers are faced with changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain. The solution is a comprehensive content management solution that reduces the reliance on manual, paper-based processes and enables managers to map and automate complex business process to speed and enhance processing times enterprise-wide, thus increasing productivity whilst saving time and money.


Procurement & Purchasing

Proper profiling and indexing of digitized supplier documents is crucial for the ease of future retrieval. Our workflow capabilities further allows for a streamlined payment process as all documentation, such as invoices and delivery notes, are automatically routed to the Finance department for invoicing and payment processing upon capture.


Inventory Management

Get notified on the expiry dates of items based on documentation such as packing slips and other shipping records as and when they fall due to reduce spoilage and increase profitability. You can also implement batch tracking by tracing a faulty product back to the batch it came from based on batch numbers for quicker product recalls.

Docuflo for inventory management

Regulatory Compliance

Never get caught off guard again during your next audit enquiry. Now you can store all your documents from every stage of the manufacturing cycle in one secure and centralized repository for a more organized audit review process to take place.


Finance & HR

We all know that physical papers are fragile and insecure. Take data security into your own hands by keeping your records safe with us. From secure sign-in, configurable user access rights and advanced encryption, we prioritize the safety of your confidential information.

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