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Manufacturing is a demanding and dynamic business that presents obstacles at every stage of a project, from batch processing through post-production. In addition, manufacturing plants must manufacture items in a controlled environment, ensuring that they fulfil all compliance requirements and are produced, sent, and distributed on time. Manufacturing is also a demanding and chaotic industry, so having a well-functioning back office is critical.

How can a delay or change to a customer’s order or request be swiftly relayed back into the manufacturing process? Managers of teams want to know how to report to upper management in order to avoid a payment delay that affects cash flow. Management wants to know how efficient their staff and procedures are. Is there a proper resource balance at the appropriate stages of the process?

Docuflo for Manufacturing

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Save time and space

·       Data stored in the repository can be quickly located and unlocked using our search tool thanks to rigorous indexing. You won’t have to sift through mounds of physical folders to find specific documents in response to a simple inquiry. Your staff will be grateful to you for freeing up their time so they can focus on more important tasks!

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Quality changes and compliance

·       Quality processes like as CAPA, non-conformance, customer complaints, and more can be automated with a DMS. These processes, which are generally form-based and unique to a department, can be simply automated with our workflow capabilities. 

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Save cost

·     Time is money, as the adage goes. Less time spent on document automation equals more money saved. It’s good news for your company’s bottom line if you spend less time entering data or creating and sending papers.

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