Document Management System

More projects + More documents =


Find out how you can have a more centralized, secured and convenient way to store and access your project documents AND save cost at the same time.

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How can Docuflo ECM solution be applied in the Property Industry?

Centralized Access to Information

Docuflo provides a central repository for quick access to digital documents which helps get rid of inherent paper problems such as missing or misplaced documents thus minimizing wastage at a substantial level

Safe and Compliant

Sensitive agreements, planning permits and builder contracts can be stored in a repository that comes with granular access controls, audit trail and secured encryption

Anywhere Access

Simple access to information for remote-working employees or any other work parties including architects and lawyers with our cloud-ready software

Promotes Automation

Automate simple processes such as the keeping track of deal stages, lease renewals or inspections with workflows to minimize the risk of human errors and improve the competitiveness of your business.

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