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The Journey. As a company grows, more information is generated, gathered and placed at different locations (silos – HR, help center, operations, sales, clients, finance, etc) on file servers, portals, databases, data centers. These disjointed silos of information kept on growing and scattered. A standard out-of-the-box search tool does not support across multiple environment silos and search results are failing, incomplete, inaccurate and may result in weak or wrong decisions. Without getting the holistic picture of the required information and situation, relevance and engagements nosedived and business risk is rising.

Common challenges faced by many companies:

  • Required information sits in multiple environment silos and not able to consolidate on time due to different approving authority
  • There is no holistic presentation of the information searched, thus slowing down decision making
  • Poor visualization – Information / contents are scattered in many databases and file servers making it difficult to control and access  
  • Many steps, long duration and differing approving authority to access and compile the required information
  • Information collected are time stamped differently and incomplete resulting in inaccurate data for decision making

What is Docuflo Inventa?

Docuflo Inventa is an enterprise search engine which integrates all relevant repositories, knowledge portal, help center, support center, libraries, including selected websites and enable users to find the relevant information at the quickest time. Searches are refined and qualified using combination of criteria like thesaurus, phonics, stemming, fuzzy, to increase and improve the search outcome.

Docuflo Inventa supports federated search, which enables a user to search several different data sources at once. All the results from one or more search engines will then be presented in a single user interface. Enterprise Search also comes with the thesaurus search feature, which allows the engine to return search results comprising synonyms (same or nearly same meaning) for a word.


(i) Advantage, bonus, gain, profit, boon, rewarding, compensation, benefice, (for) charity; or

(ii) A search for ‘divorce’ will find not only documents related to ‘divorce’ but also documents related to ‘alimony’, ‘separation’. 

These features makes it faster and easier for your customers and business users to find what they’re looking for. That way, your content and data will be more browsable and useful.

By employing the Docuflo Inventa engine, your customers will be able to search products or services on our platform with fewer clicks or page views. That improves click through and conversion rates while increasing brand engagement.

Docuflo Inventa also helps business users find the information they need with less time and effort, thus improving the user search experience, increases discoverability, and boosts efficiency. Docuflo Inventa is especially useful for complex organizations with multiple data sources, whether they are on-site or in the cloud.

Consolidated view - connect all repositories within and outside the enterprise

Improve search outcomes with increased search coverage

Increased relevancy across multiple knowledge repositories

Improve user experience by doing lesser clicks

Example Use Case 1

A patient may visit different hospitals, at different time and for different purposes. Some basic data cannot be shared because data exist in separate silos. Checks/tests need to be retaken resulting in waste of time and money. Some known problems & findings with the patient are not shared and may result in wrong prescriptions given.

Example Use Case 2

A company with multiple skills & experience exist in different locations and countries. A special project that requires a team with diverse skills need to be gathered at short notice but not able uncover these internal specialist due to data sitting in different data repositories. This causes delay and poor project execution because people with the wrong experience are put into the team.

Key Components / Features of Docuflo Inventa

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