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Making search experiences simple and seamless for the highly productive team. You search what’s on your mind, we deliver the results you need, instantly.

Use Cases

See how you can apply our Docuflo Inventa enterprise search technology to your business to enjoy instant benefits.

How It Works?

Read our infographic for some interesting insights to see what goes on behind the Docuflo Inventa engine!

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Simple. Instant. Relevant.

Docuflo Inventa presents a modern, intuitive search experience that is all so familiar for the average user. It aims to meet exceptional user expectations by delivering relevant results in an instant based on the keywords input.

Indexing engine
Content search with highlighted search results
Supports various search logics

Connecting People to Information. Breaking Silos.

Unify all your internal servers, platforms and data centers to enjoy holistic insights based on your search efforts. Boost your team’s productivity by eliminating barriers that leads to disconnected information.

Federated Search Engine
Role-based access controls (for your security needs)
Connect info
Pay ad you go

Pay As You Use.

Contrary to popular belief, excellence doesn’t always come at an exorbitant cost. As least not with Docuflo Inventa. Docuflo Inventa adopts a pay-as-you-use pricing model to ensure that enterprises, no matter big or small, can enjoy our service at an affordable price. And, in any case if you would like to discontinue the use of our service (which i doubt you would once you’ve joined the bandwagon!), you can do that at any time since you don’t need to fork out heavy upfront investments on the software. So why not speak to our solution consultants today!

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