Introducing Docuflo 7.0

- Bringing you an upgraded experience with better performance

Engineered to ensure a faster, more intuitive content management experience, Docuflo version 7.0 will feature new efficiencies to help businesses further digitize and digitalize their paper trails through increased automations and innovations. For a sneak peek into the new feature additions in Docuflo 7.0, please click the button below to see the preview slides.

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Your Important Information All In One Place

Workplace documents are indispensable. Everyday, businesses produce and handle large amounts of business documents, proposals, sales decks, training manuals, onboarding materials, HR guidelines, checklists, blog posts, press releases and more. However, the more we rely on these documents for business, the more critical it gets to have best practices in place to manage these documents. That’s where Docuflo come in.

Docuflo Document Management System (DMS) is an enterprise content management system with management capabilities for all types of content including business documents, photos, video, medical images, e-mail, reports, etc. The core of Docuflo DMS consists of a central repository where all the electronic and scanned documents are stored. With Docuflo DMS, organisations can manage access to unstructured information stored within a secured repository. Docuflo DMS provides a suite of features including document management, collaboration, search, content classification, scan and capture management, process management, file versioning, APIs for integration, document security & encryption, compliance, reports management and archiving.


Leverage the cloud for better performance, scalability and safeguard yourself from cyber risks!

Supports multitenancy

Reduced cost of ownership through resource sharing with multiple tenants

Efficient, hassle-free

Eliminate inherent paper problems: missing, torn, duplication and distribution

Secure and reliable

Multi-tier security, instant access, extended reach and zero waiting time through electronic filing​

Our Features

Ease of Searching

  • Web enabled Simple Search
  • Multiple search algorithms such as Profile, Full-text / Content, Boolean, Range and Wildcard search

Convenient Integration

  • Saving Microsoft Office documents directly
  • Batch documents import from back-office system

Security & Compliance

  • Version Control
  • Folder level, role based and document level security
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support
  • Bank Negara RMiT Compliance
  • Audit trail for reporting and tracking
  • 256 bits AES encryption on file name and file format
  • Watermark features


  • In-app and email notifications
  • Document sharing
  • Document and Information Life cycle management

Business Continuity Planning

  • File retention policy
  • Disaster recovery or backup policy

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