Document Management System

Without a doubt, document management is a concept applicable to practically any sector. In fact, it is very useful in many lines of functions of a business, being especially recommendable in those that make it indispensable to work with a large number of digital and paper documents.

Here is a list of crucial functions within an organisation that would benefit immensely from the deployment of document management solution (DMS).

Human Resource

Human Resource performs the important tasks of hiring, retaining, dismissal, employee engagement, motivating and maintaining the entire workforce. Information managed includes recruitment, training, compensation, benefits, performance records, discipline records, etc. Collecting, maintaining, storing and organizing these data is a mammoth task. Human Resource has to ensure compliance and data security with the access permission granted to the right people. The aggregation of unorganized files accumulated over the years can create huge restrictions to the growth of your organization.

Given these concerns, companies cannot ignore the importance of data security, privacy, centralized storage and compliance. There is a growing need for Human Resource to work closely with the technology department to streamline and automate data processes to minimise security risks involved.

Physical paper is fragile and insecure. One quick glance at an open folder could reveal employee’s sensitive information. Worse scenario, physical records may be taken out, lost or destroyed in an accident or due to theft, eliminating your only known copy of a document.


DMS keeps your records safe and secure. This could include employee’s personal information, employment contracts, performance records and more. Beginning with a secure sign-in, access to employee archives can be granted only to those with rightful permissions for the valid period. Documents are regularly backed up on a secure server. In the event of an unexpected disaster, information critical to running your business will always be available over the internet/intranet. Thus, data-related risks can be mitigated for your organisation.

Whether you need completed forms, seeking that one last approval or signature, or having to wait for a colleague to complete a task, these situations can be frustrating, derails your objective and is bad for productivity.


DMS allows you to easily design your own e-form using in-built templates, make revisions and manage various versions of contract with its version management function. It also comes with a powerful workflow tool to maximize efficiency which can be applied to processes such as leave and claim applications. Employees can collaborate and invite users to access documents electronically and instantly before making a decision call. Waiting time is cut to the minimum. Automated reminders and alerts can be scheduled to ensure work gets done on time.

Easily capture and store documentation for employees such as statutory documents, ID documents as well as any employee related documents with our advanced imaging and scanning capabilities, such as optical character recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Barcode Recognition. Employee information is categorised and indexed before it is being stored in DMS’s secure repository. Employee database can then be synced across the organisation to allow access from a centralised repository. Our search function provides multiple search algorithms to allow a painless process of talent discovery and optimal allocation of human resource.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery (PoD) documents such as delivery notes are essential for many businesses to ensure that items with the right specifications and quantity are delivered to clients. Poor capture and record of PoD document causes slow customer invoicing and subsequently higher debtor turnover days. The use of paper-based PoD documents also often results in missing stamped delivery notes or difficulty in locating such PoD when required. Thus, it is imperative for businesses to capture and manage their PoD documentation more effectively to improve invoice processing and cashflow.

All PoD documents that are scanned into DMS will go through character recognition, profiling and indexing. Our DMS system has the capability to index very large volumes of documents accurately and efficiently. DMS's user-definable indexing fields and folder structures allow PoDs to be captured and stored correctly and quickly in a secure electronic repository. This allows you to search and retrieve them within a matter of seconds and enables your customer access to them whenever they need them. Our DMS also has the option to be deployed in the cloud which allows contents stored within the repository to be retrieved anywhere from any device.

DMS can be seamlessly integrated with finance applications to enhance the invoicing process and provide reports on missing PoDs to alert users to problems before they affect cashflow, providing economical enterprise document management throughout an organisation. Maintaining and organising your PoDs in one centralised and secured repository also allows you to find even the most obscure documents at a moment’s notice with complete audit trails of all actions taken on the document.

DMS provides the added convenience of workflow function to allow you to be able to instantly invoice your customer on delivery of goods to kickstart the invoicing process. The advantage of automated invoicing is increased efficiency and improvement in cash flows.


If you are on the purchaser side, the stamped and captured delivery note will be immediately routed to Finance department for payment processing. This can help to minimise occurrence of payments to suppliers being delayed which jeopardises the supplier-purchaser relationship.

Supplier Invoice Management

One common issue faced by businesses is the handling of large volumes of supplier invoices each month for everything from IT services to electricity supply. The challenges faced when tracking which suppliers need payment, locating proof of supplier deliveries and arranging payments for manual authorisations cumulatively make payments slow and result in a drag to daily business operations. The use of a paper-based system also took up vast amounts of office space and when dealing with queries from suppliers, staff will be required to comb through rows of filing cabinets to locate a specific document. The manual invoice payment practice is also very restrictive and highly inconvenient for staff who are required to work remotely away from office. This is where our DMS comes in.

We are able to provide notifications of due dates of supplier invoices when they fall due – ensuring you are able to make prompt payments.

All supplier documentation, such as invoice and delivery note, will be scanned, captured, indexed and stored before it is being routed to the Finance department. The entire streamlined process makes payment processing simpler and more efficient as missing documents can be quickly identified before the payment falls due.

Whether you are in office, on the move or working from home, with secure access, the right version of information is accessible at your fingertips. With Cloud readiness, the accessibility is borderless.

With systematic indexing, data stored in the repository can be found and unlocked swiftly via our search function. You can retrieve specific documentation without wading through mountains of physical folders just to respond to a simple query. Your employees will be thanking you for saving their precious hours so they can focus on more meaningful work!

Project Management

Similar to other functions within the organisation, data and documentation forms the centre of any project, hence it is critical that it is managed efficiently. However, with typical folder structures and information silos where project data is detached from the project, keeping track of the different stages and costs of a project becomes increasingly challenging. The limitations of existing methods make critical project information not transparent to all and can lead to costly errors and project delays, particularly when information is misfiled or duplicated. It is time for organisations to consider deploying a document management system that can help manoeuvre around these issues.

The best and most seamless way to collaborate on a document is to have a tool that gives all collaborators instant access, a clear understanding of tasks assigned to each team member and an integration of approval hierarchy. When teams are working remotely, good project management requires robust tools to support collaboration.


Many of you are probably familiar with the traditional “See my response in red” format of feedback which often results in potential miscommunication and errors. Our DMS’s intuitive interface and structure allows you to decide the hierarchy of approval required for each document at each stage. This way, each member is given clearly defined role to play and their content cannot pass through to the next stage unless it goes through your preferred level of scrutiny.


Companies can also set and configure automatic notifications for any changes in their documents or folders. If you want to track the record of who made these changes, you can access the complete breakdown of what happened and how with audit logs.


Adding on to this, our DMS’s check-in/out and version management feature avoids the complication of duplicated work and keeping track of the latest version when multiple members are working on the same document. Users are able to create multiple versions of documents as they evolve while also preserving the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file.


Finally, users can set reminders on the type of notifications to receive for you or even your team. This helps when you want to remind your teams to be aware of certain deadlines and due dates.

A very important aspect of project management is ensuring that documents are stored securely and easily retrievable. Our DMS ensures that documents that are stored in the repository are indexed and properly categorised before it is being stored in a secure storage. This ensures that users will be able to quickly locate and retrieve documents as desired.


Security of your data is one of our top priorities. Our DMS ensures that all your data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption on the file name and file format. All data transfer to and from our DMS is done via a secure SSL layer. To further support our pledge towards security, our DMS is Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT compliant and allows for you to include customised watermark for your documents when retrieving it from the system. On top of keeping your data safe and sound online, we also provide services to support your organisation’s file retention policy and disaster recovery/backup policy.

No one enjoy the unpleasant surprise of an audit enquiry. But being caught off guard can be worst. This situation requires employees to take time away from their everyday tasks to assist in tracking down information or missing files.


One of a company’s best defences against an audit is that DMS collects all of project-related files in one place. Our DMS enables you to find even the most obscure documents at a moment’s notice. DMS also offers a complete audit trail of all actions done on the document by who, when, what, how, to ensure full transparency into your records.

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