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InfoConnect memiliki para ahli yang berdedikasi dan teknologi yang terbukti untuk memenuhi kebutuhan transformasi digital bisnis Anda.

information and content management
Be In Control Of Your Paper Woes

Document management can be a breeze with Docuflo!

Featured Solution

Enterprise Report
Distribution System (ERDS)

End the frustration with report dissemination issues such as physical paper problems, costly maintenance and storage, limited retention period and lack of visibility. ERDS provides secured access to your daily operational reports, all in a centralised repository.

Featured Solution

Data Management

Today, every business relies on data to make accurate business-related decisions and strategies. Data management, which allows organizations to collect data of any type, source and structure, essentially sets the stage for all forms of business analytics.

Featured Solution

Digital Decision Manager

Ever wonder how you can shorten product launch cycles and reach the market faster? Perhaps you need a decision manager that empowers you to gain full visibility and flexibility over the development process with the use of rules.

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