Docuflo Is Getting An Upgrade!

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We at InfoConnect are pleased to unveil a substantial update to our most popular enterprise content management software, Docuflo. Docuflo version 7.0 is engineered to ensure a faster, more intuitive content management experience for businesses by introducing new efficiencies to the process of digitization and digitalization of paper documents through seamless interfaces and more automations.

Over the past 28 years in business, it has always been InfoConnect’s mission to make digital transformation an achievable goal for small and big enterprises out there. Thus, in line with the rapid evolution of web and software technology, we have started adopting a more modern architecture and fresh design principles starting with our flagship product, Docuflo. The goal is to fundamentally make content management a seamless experience.

The Key Updates

Docuflo version 7.0 supports a multi-tenant approach and can now be configured as a true single-instance multi-tenant environment. With multitenancy, organizations with multiple subsidiaries or with a wide network of branches can benefit from significant cost savings through the sharing of various costs including license and installation costs with all departments of business.

In terms of providing an upgraded user experience, Docuflo version 7.0 has been engineered to deliver on three primary fronts:

  1. Redesigned User Interface – with a focus on making the user experience as clean, productive and intuitive as possible for the business users.
  2. Seamless Experience – unifying the user and admin modules into one single web portal to provide a consistent, seamless experience when using.
  3. Improved Feature Accessibility – all essential functions such as uploads, link sharing, searches, and emailing are now conveniently accessible via a single screen, thus helping the users save time and effort.

Docuflo version 7.0 is being rolled out in a phased manner to all existing customers. Please see the attached pdf slides (Whats-New-in-Docuflo-v7) for a sneak peek into the key updates of our brand new Docuflo. For those of you who are keen to learn more about this new update, kindly click here to contact us and we will get our sales representative to be in touch with you for a demo.

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