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How Docuflo Inventa can compliment your Intranet

Coming from an organization that thrives on information and content sharing, the intranet served as the go to platform for all things documentation, forms, templates, and so on. But here’s the hard to swallow pill. The default search tools on the Intranet were an awful experience for the staff members, making it difficult to even locate a certain document at times. We live in a time when knowledge is literally at our fingertips — we can search for anything and get an answer in a matter of seconds. And, of course, nothing is more aggravating than being unable to locate the information we require — and doing so quickly! This is particularly true at work. Many of the clients with whom we work talk about the difficulties of a dwindling workforce and inadequate resources. We don’t have time to seek for a form or document for hours; we want to find it quickly and conveniently. It wasn’t until we integrated Docuflo Inventa into our site that we could finally access information quickly and easily.

Full-Text Indexing

If you’ve never heard of full-text indexing, trust us, you’re not alone. Don’t worry, let us break the ice for you. Full-text indexing is aptly named for its feature that allows the software to search not just for site content, but also for uploaded documents such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, PDFs, HTML, and Text (.txt) files. This enables for more relevant search results and directs us to what we need much more quickly and effectively. We devote less time searching for what we require and more time assisting our clients.


Not to mention the other various search features that come with the software. Having the advanced search logic options such as stemming, fuzzy, phonic, synonyms, and related words, allows us to truly find a needle in a haystack. This not only gives us accuracy in our search, but also saves us a lot of time in the process. Therefore, if you are interested in checking out Docuflo Inventa’s features and other applications, click here to find out more. 

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