Insurance Workflow Automation

Make Speed Your Advantage

A convenient, productive and easy customer experience is now considered a competitive imperative across all insurance businesses. Customer expect to process claims anytime and anywhere, populate required information with minimal manual effort, shift among channels easily, and check policy updates in real time. However, these are difficult with overflow of routine back office operations, heavy reliance on manual work, and legacy system. Therefore, to stay competitive, automated systems must instead to help streamline the business process.

How Is It Applicable?

InfoConnect Insurance Workflow Automation solution provide enhanced levels of engagement, customer experience and rapid response times that create a competitive edge. For example:

New Business Processing

Workflow Automation make it easy for insurer to capture and process application form and supporting documents within a secure & integrated environment.

Claim Processing

Workflow Automation reduce claim processing time by extract the information from claim form and import directly into core application. Workflow will auto route the request to the approver and proceed for payment.


Workflow Automation enhance the process by gather the information from multiple source to review the history of customer’s claim, and produce recommendations based on pervious loses.

Policy Management

Workflow Automation help to reduce manual work on issue policy, update system, processing of loss run report, and other process.

In conclusion, Insurance Workflow Automation solution provide customer and internal team benefits from real time follow up and better visibility of requests and associated activities.

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