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Driving Innovation in the
New Normal

26 – 27 January 2021   |   10.00 am MYT   |   Virtual Conference

Thrive in The New Normal with MFIC 2021

Starting the year with a bang, InfoConnect is proud to present Moving Forward with InfoConnect 2021: Driving Innovation in The New Normal.

This goal of this event is to inspire you with the latest thinking on how to accelerate the productivity of your workforce during the new normal and build agility using existing and emerging technologies, tools and techniques from the InfoConnect sphere.

Businesses are realising the importance of equipping their workforce for the digital era more than ever before as the pandemic has forced more organisations to rethink their digital strategy. We will shed light on new technologies improving the way work gets done across an enterprise and open doors to a smarter and more productive workplace. Our aim? To provide our clients with digital tools that enhance the user experience and enable new effective ways of working. This, in turn, will lead to improved engagement levels and relationships with customers.

Find out what new solutions and improved technologies InfoConnect has to offer and how is it applicable to your workplace at this exclusive virtual event.

Key Themes for MFIC 2021

User Experience

The advancement of technology calls for an emphasis into the overall user experience for a seamless adoption process. Learn how our solutions provide a unified and flexible approach to meet your business’ need for customer experience.

ICM Technology and Application Strategies

Discover how our information and content management solutions provide a modern touch to your existing outdated systems whilst ensuring efficiency to your business delivery capabilities by providing your employees with better access to content when working remotely.

Data and Analytics

Stay ahead with the latest insights about data and analytics tools that can provide business-ready insights at various levels of the organisation including operations and employees.

Future of Work

Discover the latest insights on how we can help leaders to build a future-proof strategy for your workforce. Learn how we can provide a modern and flexible experience to the way you operate while maintaining security.

Confirmed speakers


Lim Tong Pheng

CEO, InfoConnect

Andy (3)

Andy Phan

Country Manager,
PT InfoConnect Solusi Indonesia


Phoon Wai Seong

Chief Technology Officer,


Yap Kim Seng

Vice President (Business Development), InfoConnect ​

Garrick (2)

Garrick Yap

General Manager, BPI Technologies


Nur Azrina Azib

Solution Consultant, InfoConnect


Joyce Lin

Business Consultant, InfoConnect ​

Cheah Lerk Khai (INFO224) (2)

Ludi Cheah

Business Consultant, InfoConnect ​

Event Schedule

Day 1, 26 Jan 2021

Note: All timing are based on MYT.

10:00 AM

Opening Remarks

2021 Market Outlook and Trends in Digital Transformation

What can we expect from the market in 2021? Learn the latest trends shaping the direction of business digital transformation.

Speaker: Lim Tong Pheng, CEO of InfoConnect

10:15 AM

Building A Resilient Remote Workforce with Docuflo ECM Solutions

While businesses are embracing the new ways of working, it is imperative that your workforce is equipped with the right tools to enable them to effectively work in remote. Gain insights into how to maximise the business value of your existing Docuflo ECM software to help you transition into the new normal. Read more on Docuflo >


Yap Kim Seng, Vice President (Business Development) of InfoConnect

Joyce Lin, Business Consultant of InfoConnect

10:45 AM

Product Roadmap: What's Up with Docuflo?

With the rapid advancement in the digital era, we cannot stick to outdated technologies and refuse change. Join us and be one of the early few to get a preview of our upcoming release of Docuflo v.7!

Speaker: Phoon Wai Seong, Chief Technology Officer of InfoConnect

11:05 AM

ICM4Gov - Information Content Management Solution for Government

In recent years, the Malaysian Government has been increasingly placing more focus in its transformation efforts towards a digital government. Learn how does our solution play a role in fulfillling our Government’s latest agenda in information and content management.

Speaker: Nur Azrina Azib, Solution Consultant of InfoConnect

11.30 AM

Beyond the New Normal – Scaling Your Information Management Needs with extended ECM Solutions

Soon we’ll be moving past the pandemic phase, but what happens next? Markets will be heading towards recovery and so does your business. Learn how our solutions can scale along with your company to meet your growing needs.

Speaker: Andy Phan, Country Manager of PT InfoConnect Solusi Indonesia

Day 2, 27 Jan 2021

Note: All timing are based on MYT.

10:00 AM

Transforming Your Data Management Architecture to Drive Business Innovations

Organisations are quickly hopping on the digitalisation bandwagon to assist in strategic decision making. But first, businesses must first ensure the readiness of their data architecture which contributes the main source of data for business analytics. Discover insights into building an effective data management architecture to harness the true potential of your data. Read more on Data Management >

Speaker: Garrick Yap, General Manager of BPI Technologies

11:00 AM

Powering Up the Financial Industry with Secured Report Distribution

The financial industry deals with loads of operational reports on a daily basis. The sheer volume of these reports has undeniably caused a heavy burden on the organisation’s systems and resource, not to mention the constant hiccups to ensure a smooth report distribution. Find out how our solution can help relieve these headaches and clear common bottlenecks in report distribution. Read more on our report distribution solution >


Yap Kim Seng, Vice President (Business Development) of InfoConnect

Ludi Cheah, Business Consultant of InfoConnect

11:25 AM

Empowering Speed to Market with Digital Decision Manager

Operating in a competitive environment, faster speed to market gives you a competitive edge over others when it comes to seizing the attention of your audience. Learn how to gain agility and faster speed to market with Digital Decision Manager. Read more on Digital Decision Manager >

Speaker: Andy Phan, Country Manager of PT InfoConnect Solusi Indonesia

Who Should Attend?

MFIC 2021 gives you unparalleled access to the latest technology and insights from experts of leading information and content management solution provider in Southeast Asia.

This conference is designed for:

  • Senior Management – stay up-to-date and decide on new directions of the company to stay ahead of competition
  • Digital Transformation and Business Digitalisation Leaders – create and execute an effective digital transformation strategy
  • IT, Technology and Innovation Leadership – understand the impact of new technologies on work productivity
  • Data Scientist and Engineers – put data management best practices in place to achieve business goals
  • Sales, Marketing, Operation and HR Leaders – explore new ways to improve results and better meet customer and employee expectations

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There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.
- Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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