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A Better Way To Stakeholder Communication

In today’s technically advanced, fast-paced and even mobile work environments, there are many businesses who are still using the traditional way of document output, which is printing. Many times, the importance of upgrading the existing method of output is being overlooked as expediency and convenience take precedence over looking at ways to save time and reduce costs from the organizational perspective. Just because an organization is getting the job done doesn’t necessarily mean it is being done as efficiently as it could be.

Very few organizations stop to consider the ongoing expense associated with document creation, delivery, storage, usage, and disposal, or simply put, document output management. However, leading analysts estimate that businesses spend between 1-3 percent of their revenues on document output. If examined carefully, the existing inefficient and unmanaged output processes can represent a huge financial burden – as well as a large untapped source of savings.

Output Management System (OMS) focuses on the automation and centralized management of documents distributed throughout an enterprise and achieves cost reduction largely by providing digital channels (e.g. email, portals) to distribute documents, in place of printing. OMS also help reduce the administrative problems and costs of printing, storing, and distributing large quantities of hardcopy reports, thus pushing the organisation further towards achieving a paperless environment.

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Why you need OMS?

Digital channel to suit modern customers

Today, more than 50% of consumers expect to be contacted via digital channels such as email, social media, web-link or phone/SMS/Whatsapp. The implementation of modern channel of communications brings significant benefits for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gain visibility & control

One of the difficulties in adopting traditional communication methods is keeping track of what was sent to whom, when and how. OMS provide a straightforward, consolidated view and record of all communication channels.

Promote Compliance

On top of audit trails, local authorities are gradually calling on organisations to adopt electronic delivery of documents for better security and confidentiality. OMS software makes it easier to abide by the relevant rules, regulations and standards.

Cost savings

With productivity enhancements comes significant cost savings. These come not just from increased efficiency, but also from the substitution of printed communications with digital outputs. Further cost savings come from a reduction in costly errors associated with manual processes and improved data accuracy.

Optimal allocation of resources

Organisations with multiple branch offices don't have to arrange mailing for despatch of reports and correspondence and put up with slower and less productive delivery process. With output management software, all documents can be processed and accessed centrally.

Digitise your business

Digitisation should be the No. 1 priority for businesses today. However, many business owners admit that their processes are still largely, or entirely, paper based. This is bad for them and their customers. Businesses should instead invest in output management software that supports your transition from printed to digital communications seamlessly and at a pace that suits you and your customers.

Complete audit trails for proof of delivery

Instead of relying on a third party's confirmation, OMS provide an audit trail of communication activity so that you can validate the delivery was successful. The outcome? Better customer service and faster dispute resolution.

Personalisation of customer communications

Personalising transactional and marketing communications helps to increase response rates and build stronger customer relationships. Automating insertions eliminates human error and ensures that each person receives the documents they are meant to. This is particularly beneficial for organisations that handle sensitive customer data, especially those in healthcare, social services, education and financial services to avoid data security breach.

Boost productivity

The use of OMS can significantly increase staff productivity by automating almost every aspect of the customer communications process.

Maintain a consistent corporate identity

The document design features included in many output management solutions let you standardise the creation of transactional and marketing communications for a more professional corporate image.

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