Our 1Solution Framework.

InfoConnect specialises in the field of information and content management. Our solutions enable business processes to run more efficiently, thereby reducing cost and improving productivity and collaboration. Together, our solutions form the 1Solution Framework.

Our Key Strategic Values

InfoConnect is committed to deliver exceptional value through our range of products and solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

Business Continuity and Compliance

Enhanced transparency, compliance & accuracy across operations.

Reduce Operational Cost

Leverage on technology to increase operational efficiency across departments and reduce overhead costs.

Collaboration of Information

Drive intelligence into every process, channel and line of business to enhance decision making and improve business outcomes.

Pillars of Our 1Solution Framework

Supporting InfoConnect’s 1Solution Framework is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the organizations, ranging from capturing document and data at source to applications / forms processing, approval, generation, update to core / back office applications and feeding data into data marts or warehouses for business performance monitoring, visualisation and reporting.


  • Content capture – OCR, ICR
  • Desktop and Web Scan
  • Electronic Form (E-Form) Processing
  • Bulk Import


Unlocking The Power Of Your Enterprise Content.

Value proposition of our 1Solution Framework.

Organizations are sitting on a wealth of content. We at InfoConnect believe that the information stored in these content wields limitless potential which can be used by decision makers to improve business outcomes. We want to help you do more with information by being able to effectively manage it and eventually extract the full value out of it.

Why consider us?

Find what you need in a glance

Document and Data Capture

Extraction of structured and unstructured information from documents.

Document Management System

Storage, management and retrieval of documents.

Business Process Management

Optimise business processes with forms and workflow automation.


Composition and generation of electronic statements for customers.

Enterprise Report Distribution System

Composition and generation of electronic reports for distribution to business stakeholders.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of business processes via emulation of human action.

Enterprise Search

Integration of knowledge repositories for easy discovery.

Enterprise Business Analytics

Visibility and clarity into the metrics across all lines of business.

Data and Information Management

Ensures the availability of quality business-ready data for your timely business insights.