How does the Docuflo Mobile App work?

How does Docuflo Mobile App works?

Our Docuflo Mobile App supports Android and IOS integration with Docuflo v7 to allow users to capture and store images as well as any other document directly from your phone. Via the app, users can conveniently manage their files on the go and carry out actions such as upload, download, share and edit documents, among others. One key advantage of using our Docuflo Mobile App is that a user can perform a camera upload. Users are also able to upload a picture from their mobile camera and assign the relevant document profile, document level, and indexes to the picture.

Devices Specifications

Docuflo Mobile App support both Android and IOS

•    Android: min SDK version is 21 (Android 5)

•    IOS: min IOS9

Mobile UI for Docuflo App


Before using the mobile platform, the user needs to have an existing Docuflo v7 account, otherwise the user will need to register a new account from their administrator. For first-time installed Docuflo App on a new device, users will need to capture a QR code that can be referred to in Docuflo v7 Web, so that the user is pointed to the same server as the account registered.

QR Code on Docuflo v7 Web

My Drive

My Drive is the default screen after the user logs in to the system successfully.

1.    Menu bar – consists of My Drive, My Profile, Change Password, Sign Out, Contact Us and About Us

2.    Simple Search – search documents which contains filename and indexes related to keywords (minimum 3 characters)

3.    Profile Search – search documents by documents profiles with related indexes

4.    Folder Path – display current folder path, it is clickable if you would like to go back to previous folder

5.    Upload Operation – File Upload and Camera Upload

6.    Document Operation – Some operations can be performed for the selected documents, such as Comment, Share, Favourite / Unfavourite, Check-Out / Check-In, Info, Version History, Add Attachment, Move File to, Edit File and Delete File.

7.    Lock Icon – indicates that the document has been checked-out by someone. When the document has been checked-out, the document is unable to be moved, deleted and not allowed to be edited by another user (other than the user who checked out the document).

8.    Star Icon – indicates that the document has been favourited by a user.

9.    Document Name – download the document in device by clicking document name