What is Docuflo Web Scan?

What is Docuflo Web Scan?

Docuflo Web Scan is an alternative to our conventional desktop scanning solution, now available in a web-based application that can be accessed everywhere and anytime on web. Web Scan is an integration to Docuflo v7 to scan images and any documents. Web Scan supports shareability/collaboration between users as admin can transfer the ownership of a scanning task to other users and a notification will be received once the user receives the ownership. Another advantage of Web Scan is that a notification will also be received once a new file is scanned in through the MFP either by batch or as a single document.

Key Functionalities

Anywhere access – Allow access from virtually everywhere as long as your device is equipped with internet and web browser.

Simple search – Main menu gives an overview of the number of files for each stage from scanned, batched, indexed, and verified, all in in one glance.

Integration with External Database – Easy integration with external database that with automatic indexing.

Ownership Transferability – Allows user to be given access to batch files, thus supporting collaboration.

Secured Access   – Admin can lock/unlock files to restrict access to sensitive documents.

Process flow Docuflo Web Scan

Main UI of Web Scan

Main Menu


Scanned File

The Benefits

The Benefits