What’s New with Docuflo DMS version 7.0 – Setting document expiry date

Set expiry dates on your documents validity with our latest feature – Document Expiry

Document Expiry is a new feature implemented on our Docuflo DMS V7!

Document expiry refers to the point in time when a document or file is no longer considered valid or legally binding. This means that after the expiry date, the document is no longer legitimate and can no longer be used for any sharing or reference purposes.

How does it work? 

Web upload – When a user uploads a document into Docuflo 7 web, they have an option to set an expiry date on the document that was uploaded.

Scanned documents – Users can also set the expiry date on the document profiles. Thus, if the scanned document is using same document profile, they will have same pre-set expiry dates.