Report Distribution Solution

Regular reports are vital for the monitoring and control of business conditions. But in many cases, the production of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports puts additional demands on administrators and employees. With so much business travel and work done out in the field, report accessibly and deliverability can also be an issue.

Among the key challenges that our Report Distribution Solution (RDS) aims to solve are:

  • Reports generated are only accessible from the respective core production systems
  • Older reports (days or weeks older) are output onto file servers and stored in silos
  • The file servers where important reports are kept do not provide sufficient security and confidentiality such as encryption, read-only copies, multiuser access and access rights control
  • Current report distribution method does not allow selected pages to be downloaded as needed and output to PDF with password protection for sending to intended recipients
  • Limited retention period for reports at the application servers
  • Multi-period consolidation capabilities
  • Statutory compliance concerns
  • Core application server and office server are subject to restricted access from the outside, making remote access difficult
  • Lack of audit trail on user activity, thus unable to track who has accessed these reports and at what time
  • Reports circulated via email faces confidentiality breach and cyber security risk of this report being forwarded to many recipients outside the organization without the author’s knowledge and approval, saved multiple times in some staffs’ PCs, content being edited due to lack of encryption, among others.

Automate Your Report Distribution System

Our RDS is a solution that consolidates and stores all reports from any back office core system and output content into a secure, central repository, enabling cost effective access and enabling cost-effective distribution and access to these reports via a single user interface on a corporate report portal.

Single, consolidated portal to easily retrieve reports

Provides a single point of access to all reports

Fast access to time-critical information

Comes with secure search, viewing, download and print functions

A central repository for report archiving

Sets the stage for future Business Analytics and Report Mining

Adheres to strict compliance requirements

Data privacy is observed via encryption, audit trail and SSL support for secured transfer

Lesser downtime and mitigation of risk

Reduced workload on the business core system that might cause system slow down

Convenience at your fingertips

Intuitive notification system that comes with an easy-to-use interface

Our Features

View reports on single user interface

  • Single Sign On – Single access to reports via a single web user interface
  • Improved navigation capabilities, online viewing

Increased visibility of company’s reports

  • Electronic reports are pushed to users’ dashboard daily
  • Convenient access to reports via web browser or tablets
  • Reports are easily organised by reporting cycles (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)


  • Control of access to reports based on approved access rights
  • Secure storage and retrieval of reports in compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT
  • Auditability – all accesses are logged and traceable
  • Delivers reports to predetermined group and according to security rules

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