Data Governance in General Insurance: The Secret Sauce for Business Agility and Innovation.

Join this webinar to gain a deeper insight into how Data Governance can act as a catalyst for enhancing business agility in the General Insurance Industry and how you can kickstart your Data Governance journey! 

Key Takeaways

1. Strategic Imperative: Understanding that data governance is not merely a compliance exercise but a strategic imperative, crucial for organizations to adapt quickly and make data-driven decisions to navigate dynamic business environments effectively.

2. Data Governance Maturity: Learn about the stages of data governance maturity and how to assess your organization’s readiness for advanced data governance practices.

3. Practical Insights: Gain actionable strategies and real-world use case sharing that illustrate the impact of data governance on business agility, empowering you to implement or improve data governance initiatives within your organization

Details of Webinar

Here are the details for the webinar:

Date – 28th November 2023

Day – Tuesday

Time – 11AM MYT / 11AM JKT time

Format – Online / Zoom Webinar

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