Organizations today are built on data. The trend of ever-Increasing business consumption and volumes of data, however, comes with both opportunity and risk. Technologies such as cloud solutions and services-based architectures further adds complexity to the data ecosystem.

Do You Know?

Based on Forrester’s Predictions 2019: Artificial Intelligence report:

  • 60% of the decision makers at firms adopting AI cite data quality as the number one challenge when trying to deliver AI capabilities.
  • Organizations spend 80% of their time preparing data for productive use, creating a bottleneck for business agility, competitiveness, and profitability.

In the 1st part of our EDIM Webinar Series, we will cover the topic on Data Governance for Information Analysis, whereby we will explore the importance of data governance in addressing the issue of data quality for the creation of a business-ready analytics foundation. To determine whether your data is “business-ready” is to ensure that your data has been cleansed, it’s not incomplete, and it’s compliant, so it is ready to use to build AI models. When data is not business-ready, finding, understanding, and putting data to productive use is a constant challenge for all data consumers including data scientists, analysts, and line-of-business users.

Effective data governance provides transparency over the utilization and consumption of data. A properly designed and governed data framework eliminates data inconsistencies, resolves duplicates, and creates a single version of the truth for users to access. By managing and mastering data, organizations can find and trust the quality of the data they’re working with.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar has been designed for the C-Suite, CIOs/Heads of Infrastructure and Architecture and leaders from the area of Compliance, Risk, and IT.

Why Should You Attend?

This webinar will provide our attendees with:

  • A deep dive into the issue of data quality
  • An overview of the most common data governance challenges faced
  • Expert insights into implementing effective data governance for information analysis
  • How does ensuring effective data governance fit into the modern data ecosystem

Our Speaker

Garrick Yap, General Manager, BPI Technologies

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EDIM Webinar Series: Upcoming Topics

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Part 2: Making Data Operations Easier: Data Governance (Cataloguing & Metadata)

  • With data collected from various integrated or replicated sources, organizations need to have a proper catalogue of their data to provide information about its source, who owns it, metadata mapped to its business context, and so on. In this webinar, we will look into how organizations can implement proper catalogue processes for their data to improve data trust.

Part 3: Making Data Operations Easier: Data Integration

  • Common for many organizations, data has been held captive for far too long within systems of record, and isolated by rigid platforms, segregated business functions and data types. This results in siloed data, which is difficult to access, making it impossible to gain true analytical insight. In this session, we will dwell into how we can make data simple and accessible via data integration.

Part 4: Making Data Operations Easier: Data Analysis

  • After collecting and organizing its data in a trusted, unified view, organizations can now tap into that data to build and scale AI models across the business. In this final part of the webinar series, we will explore the capabilities needed by organizations to build AI models from the ground up and scale them across the business, covering the full AI life cycle.

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