3 ways to Optimize your omnichannel Customer Communications

1) Use business data to drive Customer Experience

Customers must be treated and communicated with in a seamless and controlled manner, regardless of where they are on their journey, to give them the impression that the organisation talks with a single voice. 

Salesforce and other CRM systems deliver organised data about clients. Platforms for commerce give structured data about transactions. Neither has the ability to communicate in a personalised manner. 

Exstream for Salesforce improves the customer experience by streamlining, automating, and integrating it. Users can access, update, repurpose, and customise material faster and with less effort when they create client correspondence from within their CRM system. 

2) Improve the quality of your customer interactions

Without a centralized solution, many organizations generate diverse communications that don’t comply with governance and branding. This has a direct impact on productivity and profitability. Many businesses still produce their communications outside of controlled business workflows. Personalization is managed through copy and paste of data from business applications to solutions, such as Microsoft Word. 

This introduces risk in terms of both accuracy and compliance. Exstream for Salesforce automates and re-purposes dynamic templates to save time, money and the need for technical resources. It enables business users to tailor, edit and deliver omnichannel communications, including quotes, proposals, contracts or service documents. They can access the template library and therefore reduce the time spent developing complex document templates. 

OpenText Exstream for Salesforce is completely integrated within Salesforce and allows business users to increase customer engagement, drive revenue and improve brand loyalty and brand consistency, through relevant, personalized and omnichannel communications.

3) Accelerate the Market

The time it takes for a product to reach the market is a critical indicator of a company’s process efficiency. Because of technical restrictions or an insufficient information management procedure, many firms lack agility and employ expensive resources in time-consuming tasks. Exstream allows you to reach out to consumers faster by empowering your marketing, sales, and customer service teams to generate, amend, and distribute communications. Communications can be distributed via their chosen channels, which may assist boost business metrics like click-through rates. Users can save time, money, and technical resources by automating and repurposing dynamic templates and documents with OpenText Exstream. Businesses have the freedom to generate and change communications as they see fit. They have the ability to create messages that are automatically merged into transactional documents based on established rules. This results in time savings, cost savings, and a quicker time to market.

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