Innorules Partnership E-Signing Ceremony

InfoConnect partners with digital decision manager solutions experts, InnoRules, from Korea to deliver business rule management solutions


  • InfoConnect is officially a proud business partner of InnoRules from Korea to promote the Business Rule Management System (BRMS) to help companies achieve high speed growth by innovating mission critical operations of businesses.
  • The virtual business partnership agreement signing ceremony with InnoRules was held on Monday, 29 June 2020, to mark the significant milestone.
  • BRMS enables businesses to accelerate system development time and allow rapid product launches, thereby dramatically increasing business efficiency.

The partnership with InnoRules marks our latest foray into the decision rule management space by allowing InfoConnect to market BRMS in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Established in Korea, InnoRules has close to 20 years of experience in its field of digital decision software and their software has been widely used in areas such as insurance and credit cards. Its client base includes most insurance companies, various financial institutions, large manufacturers, three major telecommunication companies, central government agencies and public corporations in Korea.

BRMS is a decision rule engine that allows the extraction, externalisation and operationalisation of knowledge and intelligence from the top management and experts to be automatically applied to operational decision making. With BRMS, we envision of revolutionizing the operation of knowledge and decision making as part of operating business systems to accelerate business agility.

In light of the Covid-19, many companies are particularly looking into digitalising their business to better reposition themselves to weather the blow and to ride on new emerging opportunities. The BRMS has many useful features for sectors where business rules are changing frequently and require quick implementation such as insurance, banking and manufacturing. Its integrated management of company-wide product standard information and business rules enables companies to be adapt quickly and shorten their product development time requirement, allowing faster speed to market. BRMS’ convenient rule authoring and flexible rule operation features further allows swift response to market changes as the system allows easy modification of rules even by someone without specialised IT knowledge. Additionally, there is a simulation feature to provide accurate impact analysis to allow for rapid product launch.

As the leading provider of integrated solutions for enhancement of operational efficiency in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, we believe that the BRMS will be a valuable addition to InfoConnect’s current suite of offerings to further widen our reach and reinforce our efforts to promote digitalisation amongst businesses.

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